Property Management

Entrust your property to the expert hands of Capital Realty Group for unparalleled property management services. Our seasoned team is committed to maximizing the value of your investment by overseeing every aspect of property maintenance, tenant relations, and financial management. From routine inspections to swift issue resolution, we ensure your property remains in optimal condition, providing you with peace of mind. With a focus on transparency and efficiency, ALM Properties is dedicated to delivering superior property management experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the associated hassles. Partner with us for professional and proactive property management solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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A.L.M. Properties is a full-service Rental Management Company serving the Montgomery River Region area, Including Pike Road Alabama. We serve a growing need for a professional property management company that specializes in residential single-family homes. We accept homes on a case-by-case basis and have homes with rent ranging from $1,800 to more than $3,500 per month.


Management Services

When owners choose Capital Realty Group River Region to manage their rental property, they need to know we have an infrastructure of top-notch people and a well-developed system to do the job right. We have categorized our management system into three areas: Managing the Money, Managing the Tenant and Managing the Property. Below is a very brief overview of some of these services.

How We Manage Your Money:

  • All monies (from all parties) go into Trust Accounts.
  • Establish and Maintain Owner’s Escrow Account.
  • Electronic Owner Disbursements (and Cash Flow Statements) to all owners by the 10th of the month.
  • Year End Cash Flow Statements for Tax Preparation.
  • Well established rent collection policy.

How We Manage the Property:

  • Manage normal maintenance issues.
  • Oversee Contractor rehabs, renovations, and major replacements.
  • Handle Emergencies.
  • Pre-Screening Vendors and Contractors.
  • Manage vendor and contractor Response Time.
  • Performing Property Visits.
  • Schedule and oversee Preventative Maintenance Choices.
  • Oversee a Termite Bond Program.
  • We use RentCheck, a system that allows tenants to perform an online inspection that is shared with the Owner’s, as well as onsite inspections.

How We Manage the Tenant:

  • Our Primary Job is Enforcing The Lease.
  • Collect Rent.
  • Handle bounced/NSF checks.
  • Assess and collect late fees.
  • Managing eviction process.
  • Managing safety issues.
  • Handle HOA violations.
  • Handle move-out inspections and disputes over security deposits.

Management Fee:

  • 10% of each month’s rent during the lease term.

Property Management Duties

Marketing the Property:

  • Listing on the most popular listing services including Zillow, Military by Owner, AHRN.
  • Post to Multiple Listing Service to attract other Licensed Agents.
  • Post on our website.
  • Install a professional yard sign.
  • Licensed Real Estate Agents show the houses.
  • Calls are answered at all hours.

Screening the Applicant:

  • Secure Application Process via our website.
  • RealPage AI Score uses machine-learning and data patterns in credit score, debt/liability types, tradelines, rental payment history, and renter behavior to achieve reduced bad debt.  The RealPageAI Score range is between 1 and 1000 (the higher the score, the less risky the consumer).
  • Verify Employment & proof of income.
  • Confirm Previous Rental History.
  • Pull Background Reports, including Criminal and Eviction History.

Move-In Procedures:

  • Review and Sign the Lease.
  • Perform Move-in inspection.
  • Collecting Security Deposit.
  • Turn over new keys to the New Tenant.

Buildium Property Management Online System

  • System for both Owners and Tenants that can be accessed both online and through mobile app.
  • Owners can access their account statements and are notified of rent payments to them through direct deposit as well as notifications when we receive a Tenant request for any maintenance or any other communication. These are updated, so the Owner is always aware of the status of the situation.
  • Tenants can use the system to pay their rent online as well as communicate any maintenance or other requests.
  • We can also communicate through the system via text and email, which makes for quick communication to the Owners and Tenants.